scissorsAge range: 4 – 8

Use it to introuduce English vocabulary such as:






1 through 8

Required Materials:



colored paper

strips or ribbons of crape paper or colored paper

1 cupcake wrapper

white round stickers or white paper


The first step is to take and fold a rectangular piece of orange or red paper. Then cut out a tongue from the three unfoled sides making sure to leave the folded edge intact. So, you are cutting three sides but not the folded fourth side.

Next with some glue or a glue stick, attach the muffin wrapper to the folded part of the paper. Fold the muffin wrapper and the tongue shaped paper, and at the same time pinch the sides of the muffin wrapper to make a mouth. Stick on some white stickers with a black dot resembling eyes, or if you have them, use  some googly eyes. You can even use white paper with a dot drawn in the center to make the eyes if you don’t have any special crafty material. Now you should have the head and body of the octopus. You can use the ribbons or crape paper to make its eight legs. You can get expecially creative, using either all one color, or a mix or colors, or even form a color pattern.

Now that your octopus is complete you can tie it to a string and hang it up. It’s a great project for any day of the week and also great for Halloween too.