066965-striped-retro-grunge-icon-people-things-people-feetAge range: 4 –  10

Use it to introduce English vocabulary such as:











Required Materials:

blank white paper or poster paper


markers, pens, and colored pencils


For younger learner you can prepare the cards beforehand, but for older students you have have them make the memory cars themselves. Decide on a list of body parts that you want to teach. Each set of cards requires 2 pieces of paper, so if you are having the students make their own, give each student 2 pieces.

Fold of block off each paper so that it has 9 – 16 boxes on each piece. On the first piece, write the English word for a new body part in each block. On the second piece, make the students draw a picture representing each of the body parts they wrote onto the first piece of paper. If you are ding this yourself, you can just copy and paste pictures from the Internet to save time.

Once the students have one card completely full of body part words and one card completely full with matching body part pictures, have them cut the paper so that each word and picture makes up its own card. You can have the students work in pairs or small groups while making these so that they can discuss the project and help each other (my personal way of doing it), or if your class is a little rambunctious, you can have them do it individually at your instructions.

Now that each students has his or her own set of body part picture cards and a matching English word card for each body part, they are ready to play. Break students up into pairs or small groups. Each group can use one set of cards. They turn the cards over, face down ,and mix them up. Now they take turns trying to match the word with the picture, just the the standard “memory/concentration” game.

This is great for either a stand alone activity or as spelling review.